UV Air Purification Systems Creating Healthier Places to Work, Learn, Collaborate and Heal

Today, more than ever, people have realized that outdated, ill-equipped buildings impact their safety. At pūrGenix® we create, install and manage UV air purification systems designed to make your buildings safer for you.

Buildings aren’t designed to prevent the spread of germs.

pūrBuildings™ are.

Air filtration systems allow germs to pass through — putting everyone at risk. Air handling systems are cool, dark, damp places, making them the perfect breeding ground for germs. Air systems then spread these germs throughout the building, contaminating equipment, furniture and people. 

Your old, outdated systems cost you time and money.

Cleaning alone is not enough

Vents shower germs onto newly-cleaned surfaces, making your cleaning practices less effective.

Empty buildings cost money

Get people back in your buildings. Empty or partially-filled buildings represent lost opportunity and revenue.

Untreated air is dangerous

People deserve to feel safe in the cornerstone places of their lives — their jobs and their schools. When left untreated, this air puts people at risk.

Dirty air systems are expensive

When air systems get dirty they become clogged and have to work harder, increasing energy and operational costs.

See Why a pūrBuilding™ is a Safer Building

Custom solutions used by the people who need it most.

Your health is important, that's why we design and install your pūrBuilding's™ air purification systems to optimize performance and effectiveness. We’ve been trusted by hospitals throughout the country to keep their operating rooms, NICUs and hospital systems safer. And we can provide you with the same sense of safety and security.

Dramatic results in the most demanding environments.

Harrison Memorial Hospital in Cynthiana, Kentucky is the very first pūrHospital®. We designed and installed an ultraviolet air purification system throughout the hospital to help combat infections. Here are the results so far:

Average Hospitals

The First pūrHospital®

An estimated

248,000 bloodstream infections occur in U.S. 

hospitals each year.

ZERO bloodstream infections

in 3.5 years.

There are an estimated


surgical site infections

in the US each year.

11 quarters with

ZERO surgical site infections

in 3.5 years.

The CDC lists hospital-acquired infections as one of its top ten public health concerns. 1-in-4 cases of which is hospital-acquired pneumonia.

ZERO cases of 

hospital-acquired pneumonia

in 3.5 years.

Wastes millions of dollars annually on energy and operating expenses and capital equipment investments.

Is saving millions

in energy, operating, and capital expenditures and will continue saving!

If we helped a hospital do this, what can we do for you?

How To Become A pūrBuilding™


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In less than 30 minutes see how you can make your building 

a safer building.


Enjoy a Healthier,

Safer Building

We install & manage your new system, giving you and 

your people a cleaner, 

healthier building.


Receive a

Custom Design

We conduct a comprehensive review of your building and provide a solution for the outcome you need.

About pūrGenix®

We believe you deserve a UV air purification system designed to create safer, healthier places for the people in your buildings. For more than a decade, we’ve been designing, installing and maintaining UV air purification systems for buildings large and small. 

In that decade, people’s awareness of the dangers posed by germs in the air has changed dramatically — but our dedication to helping building owners create healthier and safer buildings hasn't. 

With over 600 installations and 125,000 data-driven calculations going into each UV air purification system, we deliver outcome-based solutions with ongoing support —  giving you a way to create healthier places for people to work, learn, and collaborate. 

5 Questions to Ask Before You Commit to a UV Air Purification System

At pūrGenix® we understand that you want a building that is safe and free of dangerous germs. To do that, you need an Ultraviolet air purification system designed specifically to meet your facilities' needs. But selecting the right system is difficult, especially when you aren’t sure what separates a system that works from one that doesn’t. 

We understand that this is an important decision. To help you better understand what to look for in an effective system and partner, we’ve put together this quick guide. 

Learn more about how UV air purification systems are installed and what separates one that works from one that doesn’t.

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